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United States
Hello, I make pictures and rarely animations within valve's Source Filmmaker (SFM). I make a lot of MLP related stuff. Some star wars stuff, some random stuff and more! I'm slowly learning to draw things so maybe one day I'll be post artwork here too. Hope you enjoy some things I've made! If you have an idea for something you want me to make just ask I enjoy *trying* to do request.

I've been making things in SFM for about 3 years now, still not that good at making stuff but getting better. I started posting things i've made here in july 2016.


Journal History


{SFM} MLP: Fluttershy Day
I finally got a picture made and posted before 12 AM? that's a first.

Anyway Today is the EQD's *Best Pony* day (fluttershy day). This took about an hour, Really like how it turned out (also made it 4k :D

This may just be one of my favorite's I've made. 

Anyway hope you enjoy, and have a Happy fluttershy day MLP:Evil fluttershy Fluttershy cheer - yay Fluttershy (yawn) plz   

Models used:
Fluttershy -…
Birds - Portal 2
rest found on steam and other places.
{SFM} MLP: Flurry of Emotions
Small little picture I wanted to make after seeing the new episode. 
Could have added a bit more detail and bit better lighting.

So far season 7 has been really good. (Favorite episode so far being All bottled up) hopefully it keeps it up and continues to be good.

Hope you enjoy!

Models used:
Twilight,Cheerilee,Redheart -…
Flurryheart -…
Spike -…
{SFM} MLP: Lyra and Bonbon
Noting but Lyra and Bonbon at sunset...

Not to sure I like how the lighting ended up, May come back and changed that at some point. The particles on lyra are meant to be a hand. didn't show up well due to lighting.

Sorry about the size, I like having 1080p pictures but when you have to render it using the movie option you can't go bigger than 720p. (when rendering it as a poster the lens flare wasn't showing up.)

Anyway Hope you enjoy!

Models used:
Lyra -…
Bonbon -…
{SFM} MLP: A New World
After seeing argodaemon's amazing animation using that map (been trying to find a cave map for a long time) I wanted to use it, so Ta da. 

Darker version here:

Hope you enjoy and happy Easter!

Models used:
Map - dear esther
Mane 6 and Trixie -…
Starlight -…
{SFM} MLP: Reality (animated)
Full animation:…

Before you ask yes this is based off 4everfreebrony song, Reality.

Short animated thing I wanted to try.

It ended up pretty cool I think.. Still learning animation..


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